Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Socially Acceptable Mousepads... because we've just been that busy.

The day job has been in the non-stop process of killing our head artist, but he managed to toss up 28 new designs that had been sitting in the queue for awhile during a one hour pause in work... and we have to warn you: these are "artistic" and in no way offensive to anyone. But, people like swag like this, so here's 6 of the selections that The Drew tossed up while grumbling about expiration dates and magazine publishers being evil:

All these and their 22 brethren have been tossed onto Mousepads, iPhone Cases & iPad cases... because that just seemed a good place for them to be. If you're interested in checking out the whole selection, just to see what happens when we forget how to be funny for a few minutes, go to Mousepads, iPads & iPhone Cases, Artistic Collection.

As always, To check out our entire growing collection, just click on over to Poe's Emporium's Store on Zazzle! We don't just sell T-shirts, but we happen to like them a lot! Almost every design is available on Coffee Cups, Buttons, iPhone/iPad cases, Mousepads and probably more stuff that we just don't feel like listing.


-The Drew